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We measure success by a value that a client achieves in a form of articles published in media, successfully managed event or by increased media reputation. We don’t evaluate our work through a number of hours spent on a project, but entirely through our results.

TV News

The Revit Open students contest with “singles” topic organized by Autodesk became very attractive for media, so that it appeared in the main evening Czech Television news service.


Broadcast listeners are interested not only in the profession information but also in personal opinions and life. As in this example, where a GFI Software’s manager talks about his private flying hobby.

Web news service

It is necessary to attract readers of leading web servers with original views, for example on such common daily work activities like business meetings.

Print media article

How to refresh an ordinary topic of ERP systems? What about to present young people’s view entering their first job, who are used to communicate in a Facebook style…

Case study placement

Case study are the best proof of success; if positive words come from a customer and if this customer is Ferrari, there could be no more valuable publicity for the Infor solution.

Interview placement

Business media readers are not interested in information technology speed or other technical details; they would like to know how the technology can support their business and save their investments.

Press conference

Personal contact with media is key for success and support mutual communication – regardless of the launch of the Aastra videoconferencing solution.

Charity event

Beautiful women’s basketball team and charity event for a McDonalds foundation – a very powerful combination…!